There was period of time when I struggled in choosing a title for a talk I would be giving in a few weeks. It was necessary to send it in to the newsletter in advance. Here’s an example.

Every time I typed in a title in the reply Email, I deleted it because my mind would come up with some reason why it didn’t make perfect sense. I hadn’t even eaten dinner yet when I glanced at the time in the corner of the computer screen and realized it was nearly 9:00.  I said to myself, “This doesn’t have to be this hard! Just pick a title and send this Email off.” So I picked up one of Annie’ Rix’s books and looked at the Table of Contents and picked The Playground of the Spirit. I didn’t know why I picked that particular chapter and didn’t have a clue what I was going to say in this talk, but I hit send and that was that.

 As long as I insisted on having the talk linked perfectly to the title, I was stuck.  I was taking everything too seriously, giving it way too much importance and power. When I let go and let Spirit take over – there it was – a Source to find my title and Faith that the words would come later. I now had time to eat a very light dinner, relax for 45 minutes or so and still be in bed early enough to get a decent nights sleep. Had I continued to stay stuck, who knows how late I would have wrestled with the delusion that my title had to make perfect sense before I could release it.

When we let the illusion of this physical and material world turn into the delusion that these are what will make our life better – this is when we have a negative or deteriorating effect on our health. Not only physical health, but more importantly, our Spiritual Health.

 The book from which I barrowed that title is Renewal of The Body by Annie Rix Militz. That chapter talks about taking ourselves too seriously, that we forget that this physical body is but a reflection of our True Self. Quote: Illusions have their place in the realm of divine enjoyment and, if we will consider, they are the principal ingredient in our earthly pleasures---the play of colors in a beautiful sunset, the dancing of light and shade upon the landscape, the rainbow in the fountain, the comedy, the masquerade, the pageant---these are all fleeting and illusory. Illusion is all right, but it must never change into delusion for then comes confusion, deception, intoxication, misery.”

            When we allow ourselves to become too focused on any material or physical thing, we can become stuck.  Where attention goes – Energy flows. So when every thought about money, for example, is that “There’s never enough” then there will always be not enough.  We all know someone (maybe even ourselves) who never seem to have enough, no matter how much they do have. There will not be enough no matter how high their earning go.

And if our most constant thought about our body is that it isn’t good enough. “I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, and my nose is too big, on and on. Even people who have what most would consider a perfect body think they are not good enough. Some hold onto the belief that their bodies are shameful – With these thoughts, the actual physical body will reflect that idea in some way. Pain and dis-ease will have a place to start growing.

I know some of you may be thinking, No I am not causing myself to be ill, I inherited this health problem from my genetic family. This is true and I am not saying that our thoughts and beliefs of our physical body always “CURE” the physical ailment. What I’m saying is that when we work on our connection to our Spiritual Self, our Soul, the outer condition has less and less effect on our state of being. As our Inner work cleanses us of anger, envy, fear, etc. Spirit within us grows so strong that we can endure any outer condition.

In this country we are constantly bombarded with information telling us we need to look better, have more, and stay young. There is a pill soon to be released that claims it can slow the aging process way down. It will enable humans to live to be 150 or so.

I know that working on the outside, exercise, diet, good hygiene, does make us feel better physically. These practices do not strengthen our Soul because our Soul, Spirit within us, is not subject to the laws of sin, sickness and death.

But when we work with the tools that open us up and allow Spirit to flow through us to direct our thoughts and actions we are free of delusion that the attachment to the material and physical creates. We are free of stress, envy, fear, hate and this does have a great effect on our outer world. When we let Spirit play and frolic within we are happy joyous and free. As within – so it is without.

What are these tools? Devotion, Communication and Service: Devotion-Loving God/Spirit within us above all else, Communication – Prayer and meditation- these are talking to and listening to Spirit. Being of service in our unique way – being of service to others and to our world. These are most widely used in all Religions and Spiritual Traditions and there are many additional practices that we can learn.

 Can we avoid ever falling into delusion and live a life of complete bliss? Where our bodies are completely free of injury or illness? Yes, of course it is possible, “With God, our Loving Creator, all things are possible”. However, thinking that I must achieve that state of bliss right now, today, and for the rest of my life, is delusional. If I forget about enjoying the journey and focus only on the outcome – I will have lost exactly what I was seeking. It’s like putting the cart before the horse – counting your chickens before they’re hatched – counting your money while you’re sitting at the table, etc, etc. When we focus on the outcome we not only limit it to our finite understanding, but we block the Source from providing exactly what we need. And sometimes exactly what we need to move us forward is not entirely pleasant, it may even be emotionally or physically painful. We will be able to go through it with much more ease if we are Spiritually well.

 It is an ultimate desire to experience true bliss, to know complete oneness with Creation. There are many who have attained this state of bliss, nirvana, if you will. The interesting thing is, that most who have actually reached this state, and then have chosen to return to our “relative world” to this Playground. One ‘modern-day example is Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now. This is from the introduction: (Page 3) "We are all Spiritual teachers –everything we need is already ours-with practices such as prayer and meditation, we open to what is within. But we cannot force profound Spiritual Experiences-they must happen naturally- and they will, when we least expect them. All we have to do is to be receptive. By being a Spiritual Teacher, I don’t mean that everyone become a minister or spiritual healer. You are a teacher or healer when you share your experience with someone or simply offer a smile or sit and listen to someone and let them know they matter. We are all Sources of Healing."

 Be a playground for Spirit - in your world, in your physical body, in your mind. Be open to the richness of life lived with Spirit. Play the cards you are dealt – care for the chickens you already have – Care for the horse before you hitch up your cart. Then fill your cart with all that our Loving Creator wishes us to have in this earthly existence. Enjoy sunsets and rainbows. Enjoy the comedy and drama of life. It is God’s great pleasure to give us the Kingdom of Heaven. When we find the Kingdom of Heaven within – All else is also received. Go on and play, Go on and work – rest and work and play – Let your whole life be a “Playground for The Spirit”.



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